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ZD-80C high speed nail making machine produced by our company is the most advanced nail making machine in China. It combines domestic and foreign advanced technology, reasonable structure, easy to operate. Many parts are made of special steel, and have a number of patents. In the manufacturing process, we comply with the most advanced cold and hot process , and ensure the quality of products.

Its output is twice as much as the old model, can reach 760pcs per minute, save half of manpower, energy saving up to 40%. The cost of 1 tons of nails is reduced by more than 30 US dollars , and each machine can save more than 8 thousand US dollars per year. 

With the rising of manpower, raw material price, economic globalization is more and more obvious, maximize the use of safety, high speed nail making machine can reduce production cost and improve production efficiency, to achieve the maximization of benefits. The price of foreign high speed nail making machine is expensive, our machine is to meet the current market, can help you develop your market!

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Obeili offers a wide range of high-performance machines for the manufacture of wire nails. The machines can be supplied as stand-alone units or set up to work in an in-line nail manufacturing system. All our nail machines are developed and produced at our own factory situated centrally in China.

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